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This game prototype was made in 5 days as a sort of test project to practice uploading a game to this site, it was also made to test an idea I was playing around with for a puzzle platformer game.

In the game you play as an ice cube that melts the more you move while in contact with solid ground, as you melt you leave a trail of water that can conduct electrical currents from either weight pads or outlets. This element of guiding a charge from one part of the level to another using your characters limited health is something that I would like to be able to expand on in the future.

(There are a number of issues with this game that I *promise* I'll *definitely* come back and fix at some point)

Much love <3

Install instructions

The game must be extracted and can then be ran from the 1-Week-Game-Project.exe application.


Ice Cube Game.zip 14 MB

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